CVB blooming face powder

CVB blooming face powder


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CVB Air Light Crystal Blooming Face Powder 15 gm, with light and comfortable quality, this air light crystal blooming face powder will touch your skin closely, absorbing redundant oil, it softly modifies your skin surface without any burden or block. The unique skin color factors adjust and present color intelligently, highlighting skin color, making the make up effect bright, combining basing, fixing and concealing function in one step. Rich in multiple mineral ingrediants. it has anti-oxidat effect, keeps moisture, lasts the make up effcet for longer, and presents natural mellow look flawlessly. How to USE: use the exquisite fuff to dip with a little powder. press it on to your face lightly. Pay attention not to apply too much powder once. Apply as little powder as possible and press as many times as you can. in this way the make up effect will be more crystal and pay attention to the evenness at the same time.

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