CVB Make up palette

CVB Make up palette


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Versatile drill flash multi-color makeup plate , draw a goddness makeup . Silty delicate , dignified silk-like touch, mineral powder, make the makeup are smooth as silk, no creases. The micro-crystal powder makes the color natural and lasting layer by layer deep, making the makeup look natural, multi-color makeup plate, avant-garde, retro, sexy, cool, 100 changes makeup lokk at will. USAGE; Use your finger, eyeshadow brush or sponge to apply the right amount of the product to your eyes , face and eyes , MATTERS NEEDING ATTENTION ; Avoid eye contact. In case of eye contact, rinse immediately and thoroughly with water . Keep out of reach of children , in a cool , dry place . If you feel uncomfortable, stop using immediately . INGREDIENTS ; Zea mays starch . mica , magnesium stearate, silica, methyl methacrylate , synthetic fluoropolymica, triethoxy octylsilane, polybutane , methyl hydroxybenzoate

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