Miss rose concealer stick

Miss rose concealer stick


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What it is:

Miss Rose 2 In 1 Liquid Concealer & Concealer Stick achieves amazing results when concealing the skin flaws. It is effective when hiding the skin flaws such as under-eye bags and dark circles. It also provides maximum protection against the sings of early aging.


Why You”ll Love It:


  • MULTI-TASKING CONCEALER STICK – Use it as an eyeshadow primer, makeup concealer, blemish concealer, contour stick, color correcting concealer, contour stick makeup, and as a concealer for dark circles.


  • MULTI-TASKING LIQUID CONCEALER – Our lightweight liquid concealer can be used for a more radiant eyeshadow primer and concealer makeup. It will leave your eyes brighter and illuminated. Our liquid concealer is the ideal under eye concealer for mature skin. 


  •  Miss Rose 2 In 1 Liquid Concealer & Concealer Stick brightens skin. Best Eye concealer for dark circles. Better than a pro concealer as it has so many uses due to the liquid and matte stick option. It’s numerous multi-tasking makeup benefits make this the best concealer you’ll ever have in your drawer and makeup bag.


  • COLOR CORRECTOR CONCEALER – Our concealer makeup corrects redness and uneven skin tone. It’s also a color corrector for dark circles. Use as a makeup concealer for the face to blur the appearance of pores, fin


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