O.TWO.O 28 colors Essence Eyeshadow palette #sc006

O.TWO.O 28 colors Essence Eyeshadow palette #sc006


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Grandstanding is not what I do, and changeable trends are not what I want; there is no need to catch up and wait, I am just a style; well-designed, perfect match, from vertical soft warm colors, horizontal bold color jumps, to full personality oblique Xiang combination, every silky and delicate touch, vividly in every touch of surprise color in the eyes; the never-fading style is the color of O.TWO.O and the look in your eyes.

High-fitting oil control eyeshadow;
Added plant ingredients to effectively regulate the oily substance around the eyes;
No scaly powder, flying powder and agglomeration problems, it gently fits the skin;
Multi-purpose in one pan, combining eyeshadow + blush + highlights.

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