O.TWO.O 2in1 miracle mascara #9135

O.TWO.O 2in1 miracle mascara #9135


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2 in 1 super volume fiber mascara Uses a special lash fibers to “grow” your lashes

Double head mascara Longer lashes up to 400% Big brush head volume curling small brush head Silk fiber lengthening lashes

Do you have this same problems? 1, get dirty under the eyes 2, eyelashes compose in “one big” 3, short eyelashs you need a mascara like this.

mascara makes lashes much more visible and fuller! Super waterproof, not smeared. Black Fiber brush head Longer lashes up to 400% Up to 300pcs natural plant fibers. extend eyelashes by 400%. Noted: this small brush only have fiber, don’t have any liquid.

black big brush head silicone brush * suitable for every kinds of eyelashes * Wrap each eyelash evenly * Three-dimensional spiral brush head * Easily create a lengthening curl effect.

How to use: Step 1: Use the black brush from lash root to tip slowly, brushing twice. Step 2: Use the small fiber brush, rubbing the tip of eyelashes. Uses this special lash fibers to “grow” your lashes. Step 3: Use the black brush again, starting from the middle of the eyelash brush to cover all the fiber. Tips: According to individual needs, you can repeat 2 to 3 times,the eyelash will longer up to 400%.

Easy to remove the mascara Gentle without damaging the skin around the eyes 1,Soak the cotton pad with makeup remover. 2,Apply gently on the eyes for a few seconds. 3,Easy to remove mascara.

Brand: O.TWO.O Product name: 2 in 1 super volume fiber mascara Net weight: 8g Shelf life: 3 years Product feature: Practical design with double heads,beautiful eyelashes without clump, not crumble, not flow, long lasting makeup, waterproof, super volume.


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