O.TWO.O rose gold liquid highlighter #9133

O.TWO.O rose gold liquid highlighter #9133


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Product Features

Lightweight Formula: O.Two.O liquid highlighter is made with a lightweight formula. Its lightweight consistency makes it super easy to spread and blend the highlighter on the skin. It feels weightless on the face and glides on quickly and easily giving a natural look to your face.
Highly Pigmented: This rose gold liquid highlighter is highly pigmented which helps in enhancing your facial features without any effort and gives an overall shine and glow to your face with a reflective finish.
Glowing Fresh Look: This rose gold liquid highlighter is the secret to brilliant and luminous skin. This highlighter has the power to make you look radiant even after a sleepless night.
Smooth Out the Skin: It will not just make your skin look radiant but will also smooth out its texture without getting into pores.
Enhance Facial Features: With the perfect amount of shimmer. This highlighter enhances your key facial features in the best way. You can use it to contour and highlight your facial features for a shiny dramatic look.
For Every Skin Tone: Specially crafted and designed in Rose Gold, this highlighter can be used for every skin tone. From warm to neutral to cool, this highlighter will bring a glow on every skin tone.
Multiple Purpose: O.Two.O Rose Gold Liquid Highlighter can be used for many different purposes. You can use it as a primer under your makeup foundation, as a highlighter to enhance the key features or to mix it with your body lotion to give yourself a full-body glow.
Cruelty-Free Cosmetics: We believe that animals don’t belong in labs rather they belong in our arms. That’s why we don’t test our products on animals. All of our makeup items are 100% cruelty-free!
How to Use?

O.Two.O rose gold liquid highlighter can be used in four different ways to glow:

Wear it alone.
Use as a primer or mix with your primer and apply all over your face
Mix with your foundation, face cream or body lotion for an overall glow and shine.
Use as a contour to spotlight high points of the face. Follow the following steps one by one to boost your facial features with this highlighter.
Step 1: Apply the liquid highlighter with your fingertips or a brush.

Step 2: Glide onto targeted areas, such as cheekbones, brow bones, and down the bridge of the nose. To enhance cheekbones, apply from the middle of the cheekbone towards the hairline, in a diagonal line.

Step 3: For a seamless glow, blend it quickly as you spread the formula across the targeted areas until the desired coverage is achieved.


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