Super Mascara

Super Mascara


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Good Choice India provides you 100% genuine & brand new product.. Super Mascara Unique formula, can make eyelash more flexible and can make eyelash to cream rapidly solidified stereotypes, and each root eyelashes are wrapped by waterproof membrance, regardless of the movement, shower of tears wont be dizzy. Innovation, creamy formula which can stretch eyelash and eyelashes protect ingredients. As long as a brush gently, can heartily natural and long, not agglomerate eyelash with root trenchant root create a touching charm. Use: With eyelash clip eyelash clip becomes sarped first and then the fingers had spread each eyelash eye head paft of a small area of the eyelash to use eyelash brush to the direction of the ye head deflection, eye end of eyelash to eye end oblique to the mascara. MATTERS NEED ATTETION: 1 This product is for external use only after use, please tighten cap. 2 If there is residual paste bottle, please keep clear of in time. 3 Please avoide direct touch eyes, if you have eyes, please immediately with clean water. 4 Room temperature away from light to save, do not let the infant touch, please do not eat. Net Weight: 8g
Sales Package
  • 1 Mascara
  • Black
  • Curling Mascara
  • Black
  • Yes
Maximum Shelf Life
  • 36 Months
Other Traits
  • mascara is a 100% waterproof and smudge-proof
More Details
  • Generic Name
    • Mascara
  • Expiry Date
    • 24 Jan, 2023
  • Country of Origin
    • China


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